say « NO » to alcohol addiction!

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  • Eliminates alcohol cravings
  • Regenerates damaged liver cells
  • Removes toxins from body
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Without smell and taste

Alcostopex – an efficient product that removes toxins from the body and mitigates alcohol cravings. The succinic acid and acacia extract contained in Alcostopex remove toxins from the body after alcohol consumption and have a regenerative effect.

Another extraordinary ingredient of the product – artichoke extract – helps to remove psychological alcohol addiction. The patented Alcostopex formula also contains Vitamin B6, since its deficit is common to all alcoholics. By delivering this vitamin to the body, Alcostopex mitigates alcoholic psychosis and further helps to give up on alcohol consumption.

Alcostopex does not have a distinctive taste nor smell – it can be easily dissolved in water. It therefore does not cause neither refusal nor addiction.



Removes toxins from body and improves functioning of digestive tract


Removes alcohol addiction, has hepatoprotective and detoxifying properties


Prevents urinary tract infections and boosts the immune system

Succinic acid

Mitigates toxic properties of alcohol, cures hangover, improves heart function

Vitamin В6

Helps improve psychological function – mitigates alcohol addiction

Alcostopex is verified in practice

In 2014, a study was conducted with 1,000 volunteers suffering from alcoholism. Volunteers used Alcostopex for one month.

Test studies have shown that in 25% of the cases a significant reduction of alcohol addiction was achieved, whereas 75% of monitored subjects gave up drinking completely! Test results have also shown significant improvement of liver condition and that of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

The product proved to be efficient for 100% of the volunteers, regardless of the stage and period of addiction.

When I got divorced, I started «touring pubs». For a couple of months I drank almost daily. I lost my job. I was aware of the fact that I am going to hit rock bottom but I was unable to do anything about it. I have to thank my brother for what happened next. He forced me to use Alcostopex. He watched over me to make sure I took it on a regular basis. And nowadays I can confidently say that I am a secure and independent man. If you (or your friends) have similar a problem, use Alcostopex – it really helps!

Joseph, 40 years

Not so long ago, my husband started drinking. At first it was just occasionally, but gradually he was drinking more and more – eventually, almost daily. Yet he still refused to admit that he is sick. A friend of mine advised me to use Alcostopex to combat his alcohol addiction. I started putting Alcostopex into his beverages – luckily enough, the taste and texture of Alcostopex allowed me to do it without him knowing. Soon after that, his alcohol cravings vanished. This is how he overcame alcohol addiction! A huge a thank you to Alcostopex's creators!

Betty, 53 years

My father was heavy drinker. During various family reunions, we had gotten used to calling an ambulance toward the end, which would take him to a hospital for detox. Together with my mother we ordered Alcostopex and secretly started giving it to him through his beverages. For three months now my father hasn't had a drop – but only two of us, me and my mother, know the reason why. If you are facing a similar problem in your family, do not hesitate and use Alcostopex!

Thomas, 35 years

Drug addiction experts recommend Alcostopex

"I recommend Alcostopex to all my patients – both to heavy drinkers and the ones who only drink occasionally but would still like to end this «hobby» completely. Alcostopex does not only mitigate alcohol cravings but it also helps regenerate the organs that have suffered from the abuse, having a beneficial effect on the liver, heart, kidneys and nervous system. The product's complex action helps my patients stop drinking and get back to their normal life in no time."

Dr. Aaron Hoggins, drug addiction treatment expert

an extraordinary, certified product

Instructions for use

Using it is simple - it is a powder that quickly dissolves in water.

Its effect is noticeable from the first day of use. It is recommended that you use it once per day.

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